2016: A Year of Learning to Learn

The past two years have been interesting for me. I got married to my high school sweetheart, saw the ocean for the first time, bought a house, lost 30 pounds, and read over 100 non-fiction books in less than 8 months.

What spurred this change? One night browsing the internet I stumbled upon a TEDx talk that changed my life. Tia Lopez became quite the meme thanks to his “Here In My Garage” advertisement that popped up on YouTube in early 2015. As pretentious and annoying as the ad was, I decided to look more into his site and way of thinking. I didn’t buy into his 67 Steps Program, or buy any of his affiliate products, but was inspired by the idea of reading “a book a day”.

The idea behind this (I encourage you to watch the video in the link above) is that you can be mentored by anyone who has reached the top of any field you aspire to be in, and learn their habits and lifestyle to emulate them. For example, Sam Walton (founder of Wal-Mart) wrote a book about how he founded his 482 billion dollar company, and you can get it on Amazon for a penny. Why hasn’t every business owner in the world read the book written by one of the greatest businessmen in American history?

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