2017: A Year of Learning

2017 is here, and it’s time to start my curriculum for Computer Science! I’ll be borrowing a bit from John Washam’s Google Interview University, and from Scott Young’s MIT Challenge (if I find the courses applicable to what I’m reading, I’m not going to waste time learning chemistry and other electives this year).

A mountain of books to push through, and more on the way!

My main areas of focus will be algorithms and using them to get practice with three languages: C/C++, C#, and Python, while also building a portfolio of a few web development projects. Code will be posted on GitHub, and I’ll aim for at least 1 commit every day of the year (even though I missed January 1st).

C Repository
C# Repository
Python Repository
Any web development projects can be found on GitHub.

Here’s a rundown:

CS/Programming Goals for 2017

  1. Complete 4-5 sample websites as mock-ups for existing companies. (Using .NET, MEAN, and LAMP separately)
  2. Complete a ticketing and network monitor system at my current job.
  3. Finish the Google Interview learning path from  John Washam (if you can interview at Google, you can interview anywhere). I’ll also use any edX or Coursera content to supplement this.
  4. Finish all computer science books I currently own.
  5. Blog and teach topics as I find them interesting enough to do.
  6. If I have time, I’ll also dive into C++ a bit more, and work on learning Linux and Linux System programming for fun. (maybe even some emacs or vim)

If I am able to complete these goals I’ll be on a fast-track to having an entry-level programming job by the end of 2018. If possible and some current plans work out I can possible start working in the field by the end of this year.

If you want to follow my progress through the books and GIU learning path you can check out the GitHub repository for these goals.