My Java Problem

Most of my Computer Science books for the year use Java as a primary language. I prefer C variations and Python, but as much as I have tried to avoid it, I will be picking up Java as a learning language for algorithms.

I quickly realized that going through Sedgewick’s Algorithms 4th Edition is going much slower than anticipated because I’m having to translate all the code while learning into Python, C#, or C. I planned on translating my code to each language regardless, but it hampers the learning process. On top of this, Sedgewick uses his own Java libraries in his code that are provided with the online resources, which would be immensely helpful to have.

I’ve downloaded IntelliJ, which I’ve used before for other Java classes, onto my machines and plan on starting over with Sedgewick’s courses. I was only through Week 1 of the coursework, so we’ll see how this helps me get through.


This post is about my year-long study of Computer Science and Algorithms for 2017. To keep up with my progress, see my study plan on GitHub, and check out my initial blog post.

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