March: TreeHouse and Work Projects

Goodbye March! Definitely a busy month in the office, so I wasn’t able to make as much progress as I had hoped on books and projects, so this will be a short post. However, it was still a productive month!

I completed the “Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0” and reviewed my JS/jQuery books, and also completed what I needed from the Web Design track on TreeHouse. I skipped the Adobe Illustrator course since most of my design work will be in Photoshop. I also skipped the SASS course, which was very short and I can come back to if needed. The refresher and deep dive into CSS really helped on the Network Monitor project I have been doing at work. I’ve really been enjoying the site and I’ll continue to incorporate their paths and courses into my learning this year.

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A Change In Priority

To really focus (as well as compensating for busy days at work), I’m stopping my learning in other avenues, such as art, politics, and reading through my current library of non-fiction books. Priority #1 is becoming a software developer, and everything else can wait until that happens. I’ll still make sure I’m taking enough down time, since I have easily burnt myself out before on studying.

Priority #2 is gearing my studies towards a programming job at my current employer. This means things like .NET, JS, Handlebars, COBOL, and other technologies that we currently implement and use. Extra things like PHP, Ruby, mobile-dev, and Linux system programming will be placed more towards the end of the year.

The Next Nine Months

With this in mind, I drafted out the rest of the year into a calendar. The main goal was spreading out the books and TreeHouse tracks, as well as giving the last part of the year towards algorithms and programming interview problems. Since my brightest prospects are getting a job at my current employer, I focused the coming months on what would be most relevant to that. This will probably change over time as my current plan has, and I’ll still need to add in time for my own personal projects and portfolio.

Goals for April

Here are my current goals for April:

  1. Complete the Network Monitor in full.
  2. Complete the Front-End Web Development track on TreeHouse.
  3. Complete the Beginner SQL track on TreeHouse.
  4. Have a large chunk of Front End complete for ticketing system. Back-end is mostly finished as of this post!
  5. Finish Murach’s Mainframe COBOL and our company in-house conventions manual.

You can check out the progress of my 2017 studying on GitHub, or read my post about it: 2017: A Year of Learning.