May: Refactoring and the MEAN Stack

May is one and done! Here’s what I had planned for the month:

  1. Complete the Network Monitor in full.
  2. Learn the Vi and Vim editors and start using them.
  3. Complete the Full Stack JavaScript track on TreeHouse.
  4. Finish Refactoring by Martin Fowler. 
  5. Have a large chunk of Front End complete for ticketing system.

This month has been crazy hectic with work, and with the summer vacations taking up a chunk of time, I wasn’t able to meet all of them.

Work hasn’t allowed any of the development projects to move forward, since some people are out of office, and my own projects are keeping me pretty bogged down.

Full Stack JS


I was able to complete all but 15 hours of the Full Stack JS track on Treehouse, mostly because the latter half was brand new tools and resources I’ve never used. Gulp, Node.js, and Express have slowed down the learning.

This shouldn’t be much of an issue, since I have several free months at the end of the year, and lots of leeway on what gets studied. Most of my later studies are things I don’t use, but were added to the list because they sounded interesting.


I was able to finish the Refactoring book just fine, and what a great one it is. Both a reference library of techniques and a general guide to cleaning up existing code, it’s a must have for anyone in my opinion.

As for vi and Vim, I’ve been using the editor on all of my computers without issue. I’ve yet to master the shortcuts and the command mode in depth, but am still relying on the mouse and menus for most tasks. I have yet to start the book itself, and hope to pair it up with Practical Vim later on.

Next Month

With all the crazy stuff I’ve had going on this month, and also feeling a bit burned out, next month will probably be a month off. I’ll pick up and continue the learning missed this month if I do anything. I’m going on a cruise for 1/4 of next month, and will be off for about 10 days, so that will take up a large portion of the time. Once I’m rested and back in the groove of things, I’ll tackle the rest of the year.

In July, I’ll be finishing anything left behind from this month, and start on the Java and Java Web Development tracks through TreeHouse. If I have time, I’d also like to look through the famous Design Patterns book.