June: A Much Needed Break


The month of June is almost long gone!

Our vacation was great, minus the sinus infection I picked up on the last day. We didn’t take many pictures, since most of the time was spent either on the crowded boat or rushing to ports and buses. Here’s a couple of good ones I picked up, though:


I decided later on last month to make July’s study a bit more interesting. Since one of my main goals with learning programming was Game Development, I’ll focus this month on learning some basics for software I’ve been meaning to get around to. I’ve got enough empty months left on the calendar to move things around a bit, and I’ll still be on track for all the other goals I have lined up. I’ll go ahead and read through Design Patterns since I don’t have much going on in the way of books.

This month I will probably use any birthday gift cards to order more books on mathematics, so that I can start the math study I planned out for the last half of the year. I hope to pickup on Algebra/Trig again, as well as teaching myself Calculus using open course-ware and used textbooks.

In August I’ll pick back up on Java WebDev and finishing out Full-Stack JS, since all that’s left are MEAN stack courses.

July Goals:

  • Read Design Patterns
  • Finish Blender Course
  • Finish Unity and Unity VR Course