2017/2018 Programming Study Plan

Hello everyone!

Since I’m now working as a full-time .NET/COBOL developer, I’ve re-arranged my goals and study plans to match up with my personal interests, as well as further my current job and career.

I decided to delete the old programming plan, since most of it was just TreeHouse projects and no real meat. I’ve moved any code left over from those days in the new “programming-practice” repository, and will post any future scribbles in that repository.

I’ve left in the OSS fork, since I may still dabble in some MOOC’s and general programming study throughout the year, but it will no longer be the primary focus.

You may also notice I left out TreeHouse courses from my current study. Since I’ve been away it seems like PluralSight has really been stepping up their game on course visibility and structure. The new layout is great, and makes it easy to find most things. Most courses you have to dig for are very outdated. I still wish the game development and artistic content on the site had more Paths.

I’m also going to focus on art itself, which has been a passive interest for the past year or so. I’ve decided to take it up as a hobby, so that I have a creative outlet instead of having only technical work and hobbies. I’ll also start moving through my backlog of movies, books, and games to keep the creative juices flowing.

I’m making a calendar to have up by the end of the year, and hopefully a structured approach will let me get all of this done in a year’s time.

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