One Year As A Software Developer

It’s been a year since I got my dream job.

I’ve been working in mostly front-end web development, with some .NET back-end since October 1st, 2017. I should start picking up more back-end experience in the next year, and I’d like to move into more of that stuff anyways.

It’s been so much easier to learn on the job than it was to study as a supplement, and it’s built a lot of confidence in my abilities. But the learning doesn’t stop now, it’s only just beginning! I may not be posting frequently, but I’ve found that writing is a good way to re-enforce the things that I learn and remind myself. Hopefully I can do more of that this year.

So far I’m deciding to explore general software design, and focus on learning .NET Framework tools to complement my work. Eventually, maybe even some game development.

I’ll work on a book/course list and update soon!